Hunger Information

St. Paul’s Social Services

The St Paul’s Social Services Food Bank and the Fellowship Centre (lunch program) is founded on the principle that it is our responsibility to provide both the tangible (food) and intangible (love and compassion) to those who knock on our doors. Our charitable, volunteer driven, organization is committed to the well-being of all people in London. We truly believe that:

Hunger and need have no age;
Hunger and need have no colour;
Hunger and need have no particular religion;
Hunger and need have no place in our community.

“The inability to obtain enough food, when it is abundant all around us, is physically and psychologically scarring. It is simply unacceptable in a nation as prosperous as Canada.”

– Katharine Schmidt, Executive Director of Food Banks Canada

Here are some statistics about our services:

  • The St Paul’s Social Services Food Bank provides an emergency 3 day food supply for people in need. During 2015, we served 12,449 individuals, of whom approximately 40% were children.
  • The Fellowship Centre served 11,952 lunches in 2015 during their drop-in lunch program.
  • Our Christmas Share Program provided 139 individuals or families with gift cards to purchase gifts and foods.