At the center of accessibility is respect

When we talk about accessibility, inevitably the details of elevators, ramps and stairs arise. But at the center of accessibility is respect; respect for each person and their individual needs. Everyone who enters St. Paul’s Cathedral needs the ability to access all parts of the building they may require.

Having only stair access prevents anyone with mobility problems to attend church-related and community events. This is also very problematic for guests who use the Fellowship Centre and St Paul’s Social Services Food Bank services; renovations will provide equal access to all and create an inviting space to all guests.

St. Paul’s has 25 stairs going down to the basement, 20 going up to the second floor, and 5 leading into the cathedral. They make it difficult and dangerous for volunteers to carry boxes (which are often heavy, filled with donations) up and down. We are in dire need of an elevator to help improve the efficiency of these spaces and increase safety for all guests.

Providing barrier-free washrooms

A barrier-free washroom was installed at the West entrance of the Cathedral during Phase 1, in early 2013.

The renovations, completed in Phase 2, now offer accessible washrooms on the main floor of the East wing. Our goal was to create a space which will welcome any and all, and as such barrier-free washrooms were a necessity.

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